I think it is time to start, don’t you?

Hey! So I have been contemplating starting a blog for a while now but never quite got around to it. Recently a friend of mine posted a link on Facebook about how to start a blog and I thought “well why not?” It will be a challenge, but I guess we shall see how it goes.

So “who am I?” you may ask. I am a 2nd year uni student, studying Science and Japanese – a weird mix I know, but I have my reasons. I started learning Japanese in high school, and fell in love with the weird, wacky language and completely contrasting culture to Australia. When I graduated from school, I just couldn’t give up everything I learnt, with the aim of one day being able to speak Japanese fluently. Yet I couldn’t see myself as a tour guide or translator, despite my Mum’s wishes. So instead I decided that being a medical researcher would be my future career, but would just continue studying Japanese. Who knows, maybe one day I will end up researching genetic diseases in Japan?

I have grown up my whole life in the one country, one state, one town and in fact the one house. I hope sometime during this year I will move to Europe on exchange and experience the joys of living without my parents. Don’t get me wrong, they are great, but who wouldn’t want to go live in some small European town, where one can experience a white christmas AND potentially see the northern lights. Ok more on my exchange plans later…

This post was meant to be about my aims for my blog and who I am but as per usual with all aspects of my life, I got a little distracted. I guess my goals will become clear as we venture into this whole blogging business!

– orangepippy


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