My Disney mission

Hey!! It has been made clear to me that I was deprived of my childhood simply by not watching Disney films. Truth be told, I haven’t watched the classics, and just the other night I found myself sitting down to enjoy The Hunchback of Notre Dame for the very first time. So I have set myself a challenge;

“Watch as many Disney films before semester begins”

I have two months, so I think it is definitely possible.

So far I have got off to a pretty great start. (I think?) I have enjoyed the wondrous music of Hercules, and the mind blowing creations of those amazing little ants in A Bugs Life. I feel that through watching these films post childhood, that I am truly appreciate the magic of Disney. I mean, those ants in A Bugs Life are amazing!

Disney has so many truly magical creations, and I cannot wait to become an expert on every Disney film. Who knows, maybe all those deep Disney morals, and moving love stories will come of use to me this year! More updates to come on my Disney Mission!



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