Exchange Bucketlist

For a few months now I have been trying to organise an exchange trip. I originally set out to study in Japan for 6 months, where I would finally become fluent in the language I had studied for 6 years. I was really motivated after a compulsory short term exchange I did with my Japanese class at uni to Senshu University, Japan. This was an amazing month of speaking Japanese and just really having fun. I came home desperate to go on exchange and sat down to start organising it. I was however struck with the harsh reality that it wasn’t as easy as I thought to organise it. Studying science, in english and Japan was basically impossible. So after a good 3 months of trying, I decided that if Japan wasn’t going to work, I would just have to settle for Europe (what a shame….). Suddenly it seemed so much easier…well for about 10 minutes. It is still an evolving quest to find uni’s in Europe that teach all the subjects I need whilst on exchange, but non the less last week I found one!! Copenhagen University, Denmark. Just 2 more preferences to go…

Now whilst trying to find suitable uni’s, I soon realised that I had all these things I wanted to accomplish whilst on exchange. So I started a list, which I am sure will continue to grow…

1. Learn another language

I don’t mean, being able to say ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’, I mean being able to speak another language apart from english fluently. To almost forget english and just speak what ever language it turns out to be like it is natural. Whilst I have learnt Japanese for a while now, it still isn’t fluent, and I would just love to be able to say whatever I want to someone else in another language and for them to understand!

2. See the northern lights

I am slightly unsure as to where this desire came from, but for a while now, I have really wanted to see the Northern Lights. They seem like an amazing thing to witness and what a better time to do it then when on exchange in (hopefully) Scandinavia.

3. Take lots of photos

Need I say more?

4. Write letters

A friend of mine and I have a tradition of writing letters each time either one of us goes overseas. The problem is though, we are never in the one place long enough to be able to send ‘proper’ letters so we just write them and give them to each other before one of us goes away. Whilst on exchange though, I really want to send letters back and forth to friends and family. And no not emails or fb messages, the good old hand written letters with a post stamp on them!

5. Keep a blog

Well it seems I am a bit premature but an exchange blog will be occurring

6. Ice-skate on a lake

When my Oma lived in The Netherlands as a child she occasionally during the winter was able to go skating on a lake. I have always wanted to do this. Over christmas I saw footage of my Oma skating and I hope to replicate (maybe with a little less style) this experience. This is of course weather permitting…

7. Walk through a flower field

I don’t think this will be possible due to the fact that I will be in Europe throughout winter but I can still dream right? As a child I read the book ‘Heidi’ who grew up in the Swiss Alps with her grandfather and collected wild flowers from the fields above her house. 

8. Go to as many countries as I can

I say this with a side note – experience each country, and don’t just be a tourist the whole time. Its ok to be a tourist, just not the whole time! At this stage  I hope to travel to Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, England and France. Ok I am unsure if they are all possible but I guess we shall see!!


As I said this list is an evolving list, but one which I hope to complete. I am also very keen and cannot wait to even just hand my application form in!!!




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