Summer Joy

Considering it’s my last summer in Australia for a while, I have been cherishing every moment. Summer in Australia is something special, and to me a time to spend with friends enjoying the great weather!

Just a few weekends ago I went to watch the Sydney Symphony Orchestra in The Domain. Sitting outside (with thousands of other people, but we’ll forget about them), under the stars listening to my favourite orchestra was wonderful. It was a beautiful night, and was topped off with some fireworks. Image

Then the other morning I went to watch sunrise with some friends. An early morning yes, but it was worth it.  Whilst multiple fitness groups worked out, we sat on the beach just enjoying the serenity (and the humorous motions of the fitness groups). We finished up our morning with a picnic breakfast. Now this wasn’t just any picnic breakfast. We enjoyed it on a wharf, with tea, eggs and muffins. To think this was all before 7:45!! Image

Lastly just yesterday I went to the beach with a friend and our dogs. It was so much fun. A golden retriever aged 2 (Buddy), and my golden lab (Ellie) aged 7 on a beach is quite a sight. Whilst Buddy tried to adopt multiple new owners,  Ellie decided that she would much prefer to live in the water. It is safe to say however, my car is now covered in sand…but then again, that is summer right?ImageImageImage


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