5 ways to have the best holiday!

I have now been on holidays for 3.5 months and I am loving it! At the beginning of the holidays I excepted to get bored, have nothing to do, and just sit around doing not much. Surprisingly however, I have managed to keep myself busy, to the point where I dream of having just one day at home.

1. Catch up with as many friends as possible

Holidays is the perfect time to see your closest friends, and even those long lost friends. Why say no to an opportunity to catch up with someone,when in reality, what else do you have to do?

2. Be spontaneous!

These holidays I have done so many things on the spur of the moment. Just the other night, a friend came over to watch a movie. It was completely unplanned, yet it turned out to be a really nice night. We watched a movie with great scotish accents (such a quality accent!), and ended the night with some completely unplanned ‘moon gazing’. No not star  gazing – moon gazing (there weren’t many stars). Despite our countless attempts to take perfect photos, unfortunately this was the best we could produce. Moon

3. Cook!

What a better way to pass time, become obese and eat some tasty treats. Helpful hint: If you just want to cook and not eat all your yummy food, become known as the kid who always brings home baked goods wherever you go. I have got quite into the whole cooking thing lately, producing some (surprisingly) good food. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



4. Get outside and enjoy that lovely thing called the sun

Basically nearly everyday these holidays I have gone to the beach for a quick swim. You have to pick your time though – it is never fun swimming with the rest of Wollongong  whilst simultaneously getting burnt. Bushwalking is also a great way to get outside (and potentially get burned). Right near my home, there is a National Park, with the most glorious beaches and bush walking tracks. A group of my friends and I spent the day up there a few weeks ago. Just make sure you have an endless supply of sunscreen, food and water!


5. Have a picnic

In my mind, this is the best way to eat a meal, especially with friends. No washing up (well minimal), unlimited number of people can come, and you get to eat everyone’s food on a cool little picnic blanket.


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