Good bye holidays, hello crazy life!


4 months of holidays down, and it seems that my list of holiday activities barely got touched – what a surprise. At the start of the holidays I said I was going to watch as many Disney films as possible…I never quite got there. I did however manage to tick a few off my list including the awesome new Disney film – ‘Frozen’. I absolutely loved it, and felt that it was a traditional Disney film, with great music. Definitely my new favourite Disney film – well maybe…Lion King is pretty good! Anyways, I also vowed I would run every day…as per all fitness regimes, that never happened. I did however cook plenty of food, including my life long ambition to bake a lemon meringue pie. Not only did I bake, but I also managed to sew a skirt, much to the surprise of any relation to me. I also said I would learn to surf, yet failed to realise that this including taking my surf board down to the beach more than once. I do suppose however one good thing comes out of failing to do everything I had once planned to do in the holidays – I now already have a list for next holidays! 


And now 3 weeks into uni and it feels like holidays were ages ago! No longer are my days spent reading books, going to the beach and drinking coffee. Now they are filled with riding to uni, endless lectures and well, still drinking coffee. Once again, tiding my room seems like the most important thing to do, definitely when compared to sitting down and writing study notes. I had so many ‘going back to uni resolutions’  and yet as per usual, none seem to be actually happening. I was going to become a morning running person – yeah that has only happened once. 

One thing that I have actually done (once) since starting uni is starting to learn Danish. I can now say ‘Goodmorning’, ‘Hello’ and ‘Good bye’. As you can see I will soon be fluent…it just depends on your interpretation of the word ‘soon’.