Casual Harbour Bridge Climb – Happy 74th Birthday Oma!

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It is something I have always seen, and been like “yeah that would be cool to do one day” but never really thought I would actually do it. Yet just a few months ago I received a phone call from my Aunty explaining that my Oma wanted to take my extended family up the bridge for her 74th birthday. Unfortunately my family is too big…or maybe the bridge climb groups are too small…none the less, only 14 people were able to climb the bridge at one time. This resulted in the absence of a few family members. Fortunately however, due to height fears and people living all over the country, it worked out perfect. After a week of intense rain, we were all a bit skeptical about the likely hood of actually walking, but when Sunday morning came around (yes 5:50am wakeup), we were blessed with a glorious blue sky, the tiniest bit of wind and a perfect temperature.


As we all geared up for the hike, including putting on some very attractive onesies, we were off! I thought I was going to be heaps freaked out by the height, as I usually view the bridge from road level, looking up. It is tall you know (135m in fact). Yet as it turned out, it actually wasn’t that bad. At one point we had to climb up the steepest stairs/ladder I have ever seen…that was scary, especially when a train goes past you. But once we were on top of the bridge, it was just amazing!! The view over Sydney Harbour was beautiful. To be able to experience such a thing, with my extended family was just so lovely. I can’t believe my Oma, who turned 74 on Sunday, and after the year she has had, has the courage and stamina to say “hey lets all go climb the harbour bridge!”.


She is a pretty wonderful lady, who I will always look up to. It was such an unforgettable experience, and one in which I recommend to anyone. A little expensive yes, but it isn’t often you get to climb such an iconic structure. It was just a really lovely day 😀


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