It’s getting becoming (scarily) official!

Today I got my letter of acceptance for exchange by my uni. I am pretty excited, but so scared at the same time. I was discussing with my mum tonight that just the thought of moving to the other side of the world in only a few months scares me. I just can’t comprehend it…I probably won’t be able to until I am on the plane. Only about 6 weeks of classes at my home university left for the year. Then I will suddenly turn into a Danish speaking Australian who can’t quite work out what all that white, cold stuff is on the ground. It sure is going to be some experience but wow I am so excited. I seriously jumped up and down this afternoon when I received the email. I doubt I will be able to control/ contain my excitement when I am actually set to leave 😀 Now to just enjoy my last little bit of summer (what is left of it anyways) before I delve into a seemingly never ending winter.

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 10.22.04 pm



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