Zero to Hero Day 1: Who am I and why I’m here

I started blogging just a few months ago for no real particular reason. I didn’t really know what I was going to write about, I just started because I had read other people’s blogs and it seemed like a fun thing to do. I am a science student, studying ‘Medical Biotechnology’. By no means do I have a writing background (hence I am studying science), yet I love to read. Blogging seemed like a great way to just write about anything, and also share my experiences. 


I now feel like I have a sense of direction in my blogging (well somewhat). I really just want to share with other individuals my daily life, whether it be a topical issue or just something fun I did on the weekend. In a few months I will be moving from Australia to Copenhagen, Denmark to do a 6 month exchange. I am so unbelievably excited, so I guess part of my blog will be linked to my exchange journey, and all the ins and outs that goes on with that. 


To date, I haven’t really shared my blog with anyone close to me, so by doing the ‘Zero to Hero’ challenge I hope to expand my blogging community both internationally, and also just among my friends. 


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