If God brings you to it. He will bring you through it

The last few weeks have kind of past somewhat in a blur. Zero to hero didn’t happen (unless you count day 1) but a whole lot else did…

When you are exposed to a situation you only thought happened in TV shows, your whole life does a little summersault. And by ‘little’, I mean that you look at every little aspect of your life and question it. When I let someone know what happened to me 2 weeks ago, they give you this look of ‘what!?! are you joking?’ and are left speechless. I don’t blame them. Even I am trying to comprehend what happened. Yet despite all the trauma, somehow these last few weeks have brought me a fair bit of joy.

Within 24hrs of the incident, I was in stitches of laughter with my friend because I had been trembling so bad that when trying to take a sip of water I somehow spurted water not only all over my face, but also on her. Then slightly later I couldn’t even eat due to my hands shaking so much that another friend decided it would be a perfect opportunity to feed me. Now when I say ‘feed me’ I don’t just mean, placing food in my mouth…no it meant playing ‘aeroplanes’ which then became a train…a boat…even a hot air balloon a think.

Situations like this also help demonstrate just how amazing the people close to you are. My house for the first week after was a flow of people. From family, to my parents friends, to my friends. Just as I am writing this now my mum said “you do realise, this is the first time in 2 weeks that it has only just been us in the house?” Yet I don’t think I would have it any other way. My friends have been absolutely amazing. Coming to and fro from my house, taking me to church with them, supplying me with an endless supply of movies, even answering phone calls at ridiculous hours of the night.

One of my friends sent me a quote that really helped. To date, I am still unsure why it made such a difference, but then again can we really have an answer for everything? I guess this quote also answers that…? You can decide that for yourself.

If God brings you to it. He will bring you through it

As cliché as it may sound I know this experience is a life changing one. One that has made me think about what is important in my life in a completely different way. One that has made me appreciate the life that I have lived and how lucky I have been with my life to date. Sure I now also have little trust in every person I see and meet, but maybe before I was just naive…? I guess what I am trying to say in writing this blog isn’t to tell the world ‘hey I had a bad experience’ but to demonstrate that even when everything around you seems to crumble, there is something stronger that will keep everything going.




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