Being creative

This week was a pretty stressful one. I had 2 exams, a few assignments, 3 appointments, my mum’s birthday and today – Mother’s Day. Whilst the later two are a lovely thing to celebrate, it is still exhausting. What I really needed was some time to myself – something that I haven’t really had for the last month. So once my study was done, I sat down to paint some little dishes a friend had given me to paint. Now I’m in no way an artist, in fact I struggle to draw stick figures, so it was a bit of a challenge, but it gave my mind something to concentrate on, and I momentarily forgot all that was around me.

What you need?

Some newspaper, paintbrushes, porcelain paint, water, inspiration! I also had a felt tip like pen, which was really useful in outlining what I wanted to paint, as it can easily be removed.

Being the uncreative person I am, I definitely needed some inspiration. I went on Pinterest and quickly I was smothered with endless ideas. The challenge now was to just somehow create it!!

Before you start…

Unfortunately I didn’t realise this until after I started, but a good little tip – make sure you wash your dish/mug/plate before painting on it. Often a residue is left from a price sticker or something, meaning that if you do make a mistake and want to remove the paint, you are left with a nice smear…

What next?

Paint!! Just make sure you shake your paints before using them.

All done?

After finishing painting, leave them to dry. Now depending on the paints you use, how long you have to leave them before putting them in the oven, and the temperature of the oven will vary. The paints I used suggested drying for 24 hours, then placing in a 150 degree oven for 35 minutes. 


This is what I ended up with. It was a great way to relax. Remember you can paint practically anything, for any occasion. Whether it just be for you to drink tea out of, a gift to a friend, or a pen holder on your desk. I was genuinely surprised by what I came up with, and would never have thought that despite my lack of ‘artistic flair’ I could (sort of) paint. 



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