An ordinary week…or not!

This week was one which I will never forget…well I sure hope I won’t because whilst it was the busiest/craziest week I have had in a while, it was amazing all the same.

Two of my friends had birthdays, I completed 5 assignments, worked 13hrs, bought my tickets for exchange and gave my life to Jesus. I also realised that I no longer remembered how knock knock jokes go…but we won’t dwell on that one!

After hearing my news about being accepted for exchange, the realisation that I had to be in Europe in 2.5 months was lets say ‘sudden’. I wasn’t organised at all. I didn’t know if I wanted to go, I didn’t have flights, no visa, no accommodation, no idea of when I had to be in Europe, and well no bag to stuff 7 months worth of clothes into! So on Sunday I set out to buy a bag. It was the first step of me actually committing to exchange. Sure I had applied and stuff, but you can always back out of an application. Not that you can’t back out after buying a bag…That night I went to church with some of my friends, and I realised that yes, I was ready to change the way I was living my life. It was terrifying to make such a decision, but I realised sometimes you just have to go with your gut feeling, and ignore all the other scary stuff. 

On Monday, one of my closets friends celebrated her birthday. We enjoyed a nice picnic with a group of friends at uni, something that doesn’t generally happen. Usually we are stuck in lectures over lunch, or stuck studying in the library trying to catch up on study. Yet somehow we all found time to sit down on these (rather uncomfortable) new chairs at uni, and just enjoy the sun and each others company. But I also prayed to live my life with Jesus. It was a mind-blowing day. Despite everything that I feared for the future, a friend told me a verse that really put everything into perspective. “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough worry of its own” [Matthew 6.34].  

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday brought a string of assignments, but also one return ticket to Europe. Only 68 more days until I walk on that plane, saying goodbye to Australia for 7 months. I am still trying to comprehend that I will be calling Copenhagen my home for 6 of those months. Yet I am quite excited about it all now. Excited because I know I will learn so much about myself. I am also super keen to see Europe and hopefully come home fluent in Danish.

Last night I celebrated another close friend’s birthday. It was a great night, but left me absolutely exhausted. I finished up today painting with watercolours in order to re-decorate my cork board. Despite some minor problems (not being able to find any paintbrushes, so having to resort to calligraphy brushes), I was  actually kinda happy with how they turned out. It was also so lovely to sit at my desk, without any music playing and just hear the birds twittering outside. It sounds simple, but so often I am rushing around, trying to get everything done, that I forget just how awesome the place I live in. In winter I find it shocking that I can spend a whole day inside and not venture out, even if it is just outside onto my verandah to muck around with my dog for 5 minutes. Image




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