A hidden beauty

Yesterday I had my last day of class at UOW for the year. In about 2 months I will be heading over to Denmark. Only 2 months away! This week has shown me how great humanity can be.

Today I had to go up to Sydney to complete my visa application for Denmark. I was really nervous about going, and was quite apprehensive about the whole process. The forms are so confusing, and the website just didn’t seem all that useful. Anyways, I found out from a friend that I had to go up to Sydney, and was freaking out that I had left the whole ‘license to live in Denmark thing’ a bit too late. You know, nothing too serious…Rest assured, despite a seemingly never ending list of things to do, I managed to find the time to venture to Sydney today.

Upon arrival (well once I managed to find the building), I was greeted with the fact that I had come to the wrong place. Not only that, but the place I needed to go to I needed to have an appointment AND the lady who works there was sick today. Nonetheless, the lovely Danish lady offered to help me and said I could lodge my application where I was. I was so thankful!! It wasn’t smooth sailing yet though. I hadn’t paid for my visa application, of which I had to somehow print my receipt…from my iPhone. But rest assured, the Danish lady came to the rescue again and said if I emailed her the receipt she could print it off. Then I hadn’t taken copies of my passport, and she offered to do so. The whole process was so so so stressful, but that amazing Danish lady just showed me that some people really are just lovely and will do anything to help you. This Danish lady also gave me great reassurance for the place I am going to be living for 6 months. If all Danish people are like this lady, then I am in for a good 6 months in a country full of lovely people!!

Humanities love for each other didn’t stop there though. Whilst waiting for my train home I saw a lady struggling to pull her pram up the stairs at the station on the opposite platform. If my train wasn’t coming in 2 minutes I would have raced over and helped her, and I just wished that someone else would not only see this, but act on it. Sure enough, one of the trade workers, came running down the stairs to help the mother. It just made me smile. This worker didn’t have to help the lady. He could have just as easily left her to struggle her way up the stairs, but no, he went out of his way to help her.

I think when we are in a society that is so individualistic we forget the good in people. Today, despite all the stress and set backs, turned out to be a really fulfilling day. I also learnt, when applying for important things, be prepared! Have multiple copies of EVERYTHING!!! 

To finish up, I spent about 20 minutes wondering around the city before my train came. It wasn’t a beautiful sunny day, but somehow the rain was really comforting. Even on a rainy day, Sydney harbour is beautiful.




3 thoughts on “A hidden beauty

  1. Wahhhooo! Another UOW exchange traveller. I look forward to reading your posts as you’re away and relating to a lot of what you experience! If you’re travelling around beforehand and you’re lonely or lost, shoot me a message! I’m guaranteed to be in the same position and would love company 🙂

    • Yewww!! Unfortunately I am heading straight to uni when I get over there, however I am travelling around during/after 🙂 If you are ever in Denmark, let me know and I can show you around!

  2. Hey, we have something in common, at least in terms of geography. You see, I lived in Melbourne a couple of years back, right before I moved to Stockholm… close enough, you think?! Good luck for the exchange program! Feel free to ping me if you visit Stockholm during your stay in Denmark 🙂

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