Only one and half more days of study and I will be sitting my final exam for the semester….and guess what? It couldn’t come sooner!!! The anticipation of freedom, no more study and sleep is intense!! In fact, I have already started a list of things I plan to do come holidays. My room is a complete mess, and I keep telling myself that is just a sign that I have been studying. But hey – considering I am blogging at the moment, I’m not so sure. I also have drunk A LOT of tea and coffee. Basically if a hot drink isn’t on my desk, that is a sign that I need to get up, walk to the kitchen and make tea. This exam period I have also mastered the art of procrastination. A few months ago a friend introduced me to Pinterest (see my page here). Upon signing me up they warned me – “it is a great distraction and procrastination tool”. Now before exams, this wasn’t an issue at all…and yet as the exams draw out, it seems the closer I get to my last exam, the more time I am spending on Pinterest!! But for now, I think I should get back to studying…as exciting as it is…see you on the other side 😀





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