Quickly alienated from the world we live in

Last night when I turned on the radio, I suddenly felt a wave of comfort sweep over me. Ok that is a bit strange, but there was something so lovely about hearing a good Australian accent, on ‘702’ as I tuned in to midnight talk-back radio. Usually I wouldn’t care less about the radio, in actually fact, I usually avoid listening to it. In the car, I have an extensive list of cds just to avoid having to listen to ‘gardening on a Sunday’ or trivial topics like ‘what was your first job and where did you first get the sack?’  I spent my child hood listening to James Valentine with my mum as we came home from school. When you are overseas, despite the cringe factor, there couldn’t be anything better to remind me of home and those countless hours spent in the car with mum laughing over the random topics.

The reason I actually started listening to the radio in the first place was actually to get an update on what was happening in the world. It came to my attention earlier this week, that I actually have no idea! No longer do I sit down to read the newspaper on the weekend, or watch the 6pm news with Mum whilst we wait for Dad to come home. It frightened me how little I know about what is going on in the world. So  I decided to listen to the radio, however unfortunately the news never came on…

I think when you are living abroad it is so easy to fall into the trap I have fallen into. I have become obvious to both my mother country, as well as world affairs. It is something that should keep one connected to their country, and without remaining connected you quickly become very distant from where you once lived. Originally I thought ‘oh if anything important happens, mum and dad or a friend, or even Facebook will tell me’, but I am quickly coming to realise that that isn’t enough. It isn’t enough to be just concerned about the little minute portion of the world you live in at one particular time, but rather we need to be aware of what is around us. Why? So that we can pray about events happening in the world. So that we can pray for those suffering in war, poverty and trauma. In James 1:27 we are told to “look after orphans and widows in their distress”. Sometimes it isn’t always possible to provide immediate care to everyone, but we can always pray! In the past 6 weeks, I have definitely learnt the power of prayer.



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