Run legs, Run!!

Over the past month or so I have really been getting back into running. It has been such nice weather lately. In true Australian fashion, winter has brought with it beautiful sunny days, with bright blue skies. Sure it has been quite windy, but that somehow hasn’t stopped me. I have always enjoyed running and have always gone through periods where I run heaps and heaps, and other times where even all my motivation can’t seem to get me to put my joggers on and just go for a run. Luckily though, this past month has brought with it heaps of running for me. After running one day, and just sitting on the beach watching the waves crash against the sand, and the sun setting on the mountains behind me, I decided to try and take a photo journal of all my runs. I thought it would be a great way to remind myself of each run, especially in those times when I am not all that motivated to go for one.
Unfortunately I have often forgotten to take pictures, but here a few I thought I would share with you.


7th June, Fairy Meadow Beach. Distance: 4kms. Not the best of runs, but I hadn’t been in a while. It was the day before my first exam, and I remember I was really stressed, so coming down to the beach was a must. How cool are those clouds!?!




26th June, North Beach. Distance: 8kms. This was the first time I had run 8kms in a very long time. I had just finished exams the day before, and so really just wanted to get out there and give it all I had. And that I did. Lets just say, my legs were QUITE sore that night!


27th June,  North Beach. Distance: 4kms. The day after my massive 8km run. Not sure it was the greatest idea to run, but I was pretty keen. I think the start of the run however was actually the worst part.


1st July, North beach. Distance: 8kms. This was such a good run! I had so much energy, and somehow ran really fast. Not only that, but the weather was beautiful, I was listening to good music, and there weren’t too many people.


This wasn’t a run, but it was definitely a very good bush walk (Sublime Point Bush Track) I did with friends. The walk is only short, but quite steep. At one point, it is so steep you have to climb up ladders! Despite it being scary due to the lack of a harness, and my hands feeling like they might fall off as it was very cold, it was worth it!! The view was amazing 🙂


Just some fun shots after a walk with my puppy, Ellie.

I hope in the coming months I document my runs more. Often I forget how far I have run, or where I ran. Not saying this is heaps important, but it would be a nice all the same.  After looking back at these pictures, I realise that I have missed taking pictures after runs, so lets hope I get better at that!


5 ways to have the best holiday!

I have now been on holidays for 3.5 months and I am loving it! At the beginning of the holidays I excepted to get bored, have nothing to do, and just sit around doing not much. Surprisingly however, I have managed to keep myself busy, to the point where I dream of having just one day at home.

1. Catch up with as many friends as possible

Holidays is the perfect time to see your closest friends, and even those long lost friends. Why say no to an opportunity to catch up with someone,when in reality, what else do you have to do?

2. Be spontaneous!

These holidays I have done so many things on the spur of the moment. Just the other night, a friend came over to watch a movie. It was completely unplanned, yet it turned out to be a really nice night. We watched a movie with great scotish accents (such a quality accent!), and ended the night with some completely unplanned ‘moon gazing’. No not star  gazing – moon gazing (there weren’t many stars). Despite our countless attempts to take perfect photos, unfortunately this was the best we could produce. Moon

3. Cook!

What a better way to pass time, become obese and eat some tasty treats. Helpful hint: If you just want to cook and not eat all your yummy food, become known as the kid who always brings home baked goods wherever you go. I have got quite into the whole cooking thing lately, producing some (surprisingly) good food. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



4. Get outside and enjoy that lovely thing called the sun

Basically nearly everyday these holidays I have gone to the beach for a quick swim. You have to pick your time though – it is never fun swimming with the rest of Wollongong  whilst simultaneously getting burnt. Bushwalking is also a great way to get outside (and potentially get burned). Right near my home, there is a National Park, with the most glorious beaches and bush walking tracks. A group of my friends and I spent the day up there a few weeks ago. Just make sure you have an endless supply of sunscreen, food and water!


5. Have a picnic

In my mind, this is the best way to eat a meal, especially with friends. No washing up (well minimal), unlimited number of people can come, and you get to eat everyone’s food on a cool little picnic blanket.

Summer Joy

Considering it’s my last summer in Australia for a while, I have been cherishing every moment. Summer in Australia is something special, and to me a time to spend with friends enjoying the great weather!

Just a few weekends ago I went to watch the Sydney Symphony Orchestra in The Domain. Sitting outside (with thousands of other people, but we’ll forget about them), under the stars listening to my favourite orchestra was wonderful. It was a beautiful night, and was topped off with some fireworks. Image

Then the other morning I went to watch sunrise with some friends. An early morning yes, but it was worth it.  Whilst multiple fitness groups worked out, we sat on the beach just enjoying the serenity (and the humorous motions of the fitness groups). We finished up our morning with a picnic breakfast. Now this wasn’t just any picnic breakfast. We enjoyed it on a wharf, with tea, eggs and muffins. To think this was all before 7:45!! Image

Lastly just yesterday I went to the beach with a friend and our dogs. It was so much fun. A golden retriever aged 2 (Buddy), and my golden lab (Ellie) aged 7 on a beach is quite a sight. Whilst Buddy tried to adopt multiple new owners,  Ellie decided that she would much prefer to live in the water. It is safe to say however, my car is now covered in sand…but then again, that is summer right?ImageImageImage