Bikes, Colour and everything Danish

I have now been in Copenhagen for 3 weeks and it has been a fun filled, crazy 3 weeks. I have had so many new experiences, seen so many amazing places and met a whole bunch of lovely people.

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Copenhagen is a lovely city. When you are walking around, it is hard not to feel happy with the cobble stoned streets dotted with colourful houses. Every where you go you have trouble finding your bike amongst the array of bicycles. The other day I was even caught in a bike traffic jam!


It is summer at the moment in Copenhagen so I have been trying to get the most out of it. Last week some friends and I had multiple picnics and watched movies under the stars in the parks around Copenhagen. It was so nice to star gaze and learn all the star constellations here in the northern hemisphere. On Tuesday night we were even blessed with a media shower, which filled the sky with shooting stars!

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Whilst being here in Copenhagen I have had the joy of learning Danish. it is quite a hard language to learn, but I feel that I am picking it up. It always surprises me when I can read whole pages of texts, despite only having studied it for 3 weeks. Sure the pronunciation of the words is hard, and don’t even get me started on spelling, but apart from that, it isn’t too bad. My friends and I now can have short conversations to each other in danish, as well as me being able to understand my housemate when we (frequently) talks to himself in danish.

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On Sunday I went and helped out at the kids church at my new church. It was such an amazing experience. I had never had experience helping with kids ministry, and so I knew I was up for a challenge. This was compounded with the language barrier. But kids are kids, and God answered my prayers, and I was able to still connect with the kids and the other leaders. It was so cool that even though the kids couldn’t understand me (except when I spoke the little danish I knew) we were still able to have fun together. Their favourite game was to push me over and then sit on me. I think the most amazing thing was when these 4 girls, all dressed up in fairy costumes, decided to hold hands and dance around in a circle. It was even more special considering the sermon was on friendships. These girls didn’t even really know each other before Sunday and God answered our prayers and brought these 4 girls together. One was even Swedish and didn’t really understand the other girls. Wow God is good! I can’t wait to see what else He does through the leaders!!




An ordinary week…or not!

This week was one which I will never forget…well I sure hope I won’t because whilst it was the busiest/craziest week I have had in a while, it was amazing all the same.

Two of my friends had birthdays, I completed 5 assignments, worked 13hrs, bought my tickets for exchange and gave my life to Jesus. I also realised that I no longer remembered how knock knock jokes go…but we won’t dwell on that one!

After hearing my news about being accepted for exchange, the realisation that I had to be in Europe in 2.5 months was lets say ‘sudden’. I wasn’t organised at all. I didn’t know if I wanted to go, I didn’t have flights, no visa, no accommodation, no idea of when I had to be in Europe, and well no bag to stuff 7 months worth of clothes into! So on Sunday I set out to buy a bag. It was the first step of me actually committing to exchange. Sure I had applied and stuff, but you can always back out of an application. Not that you can’t back out after buying a bag…That night I went to church with some of my friends, and I realised that yes, I was ready to change the way I was living my life. It was terrifying to make such a decision, but I realised sometimes you just have to go with your gut feeling, and ignore all the other scary stuff. 

On Monday, one of my closets friends celebrated her birthday. We enjoyed a nice picnic with a group of friends at uni, something that doesn’t generally happen. Usually we are stuck in lectures over lunch, or stuck studying in the library trying to catch up on study. Yet somehow we all found time to sit down on these (rather uncomfortable) new chairs at uni, and just enjoy the sun and each others company. But I also prayed to live my life with Jesus. It was a mind-blowing day. Despite everything that I feared for the future, a friend told me a verse that really put everything into perspective. “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough worry of its own” [Matthew 6.34].  

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday brought a string of assignments, but also one return ticket to Europe. Only 68 more days until I walk on that plane, saying goodbye to Australia for 7 months. I am still trying to comprehend that I will be calling Copenhagen my home for 6 of those months. Yet I am quite excited about it all now. Excited because I know I will learn so much about myself. I am also super keen to see Europe and hopefully come home fluent in Danish.

Last night I celebrated another close friend’s birthday. It was a great night, but left me absolutely exhausted. I finished up today painting with watercolours in order to re-decorate my cork board. Despite some minor problems (not being able to find any paintbrushes, so having to resort to calligraphy brushes), I was  actually kinda happy with how they turned out. It was also so lovely to sit at my desk, without any music playing and just hear the birds twittering outside. It sounds simple, but so often I am rushing around, trying to get everything done, that I forget just how awesome the place I live in. In winter I find it shocking that I can spend a whole day inside and not venture out, even if it is just outside onto my verandah to muck around with my dog for 5 minutes. Image



“There are far far better things ahead than any we leave behind”

Last week I received an email congratulating me on my acceptance into Copenhagen University as an exchange student. Before receiving this email nothing was 100% official, it was all still in the land of ‘yeah maybe’. But now, its official! I’ve been accepted to go study overseas for 6 months, study in a nation I realistically know little about, a nation where I know (basically) no one, and one which will soon become more home. 

I always thought that once I received that email I would be jumping with joy and uncontrollably excited. Yet I wasn’t. I was more scared and frightened on what I had committed myself to. When something is just a possibility, it is a lot easier to brush aside all the realistic thoughts that ‘hey I won’t living with my family, surrounded by my friends’, ‘I won’t get to go to eat breakfast at the table I have eaten at for 19 years’, ‘yes I will be on the other side of the world for 7 months’. Sure all of this will be exciting, but I guess I just hadn’t fully realised what exchange involved. And I guess I still haven’t. Only going will grant me that.

I was talking to a friend this week and even though we were talking about something quite different, they said something that I think applies to everything in life. “If we don’t step into the unknown, we wouldn’t do anything”. I think this is so true. Quite often in our lives we are faced with decisions, which are really really scary. Decisions that we don’t know the outcome of. Decisions where it feels like we are stepping into a big black hole. Yet most of the time, it turns out ok. Actually most of the time, we are really glad we made those decisions. If we weren’t scared about a decision, then it wouldn’t be important right? 

This week I have made a fair few major decisions that still frighten me, but I know deep down, it will be worth it. Whilst my reasons to go on exchange have definitely changed since I first applied, I don’t doubt it will be worth it. I am excited to meet new people (once I get over that initial introduction – I hate introductions!). I’m excited to see a part of the world I have never seen and I am beyond excited to grow into my new found self. In the words of C.S Lewis; “There are far far better things ahead than any we leave behind”

Zero to Hero Day 1: Who am I and why I’m here

I started blogging just a few months ago for no real particular reason. I didn’t really know what I was going to write about, I just started because I had read other people’s blogs and it seemed like a fun thing to do. I am a science student, studying ‘Medical Biotechnology’. By no means do I have a writing background (hence I am studying science), yet I love to read. Blogging seemed like a great way to just write about anything, and also share my experiences. 


I now feel like I have a sense of direction in my blogging (well somewhat). I really just want to share with other individuals my daily life, whether it be a topical issue or just something fun I did on the weekend. In a few months I will be moving from Australia to Copenhagen, Denmark to do a 6 month exchange. I am so unbelievably excited, so I guess part of my blog will be linked to my exchange journey, and all the ins and outs that goes on with that. 


To date, I haven’t really shared my blog with anyone close to me, so by doing the ‘Zero to Hero’ challenge I hope to expand my blogging community both internationally, and also just among my friends. 

It’s getting becoming (scarily) official!

Today I got my letter of acceptance for exchange by my uni. I am pretty excited, but so scared at the same time. I was discussing with my mum tonight that just the thought of moving to the other side of the world in only a few months scares me. I just can’t comprehend it…I probably won’t be able to until I am on the plane. Only about 6 weeks of classes at my home university left for the year. Then I will suddenly turn into a Danish speaking Australian who can’t quite work out what all that white, cold stuff is on the ground. It sure is going to be some experience but wow I am so excited. I seriously jumped up and down this afternoon when I received the email. I doubt I will be able to control/ contain my excitement when I am actually set to leave 😀 Now to just enjoy my last little bit of summer (what is left of it anyways) before I delve into a seemingly never ending winter.

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